Set up Your Test Environment

This article explains how the MURAL test environment works and walks you through creating an account.

What is the MURAL test environment?

The MURAL test environment is a copy of the production environment where your specific company settings and SSO configurations have not been copied over. Use the test environment to try out SCIM endpoints and SSO.

The MURAL test environment is here:


Important Notes

  • You must be a MURAL company administrator to access the test environment.
  • Your company in the test environment has default company settings. Testing within this environment does not affect your production environment data.
  • Test environment users outside of your company cannot see your actions or company settings in the test environment. This is the same logic used as in the MURAL production environment.

How to create a test environment account

To create a test environment account:

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your work email address and click the Sign In button.

  1. You will be prompted to create an account using password. Use your work email address and password to go to the next step.

  2. Review the Terms and conditions. If you agree, select the I Accept MURAL's terms and conditions checkbox, then click the Continue button.

  1. At the Start with a Workspace screen, do one of the following:

    • Join an existing workspace by clicking Join workspace underneath the workspace.

    • Create a new workspace by clicking create new workspace.

      a. On the Create your workspace screen, fill out the required information and click the Next button.

      b. On the What can we help you do screen, click the Next button.

      c. On the Choose a template screen, select a template and click the Create mural button. A new mural is displayed.

      d. In the upper left, click the Back to dashboard button.

  2. Follow the steps in this article to generate an API key.