Integrations SDK

Use prebuilt packages for the Mural API to create integrations with Mural.

The Mural API delivers the power and capabilities of Mural’s platform so developers can select which capabilities accommodate their needs. The Mural SDK offers prebuilt packages for the Mural API to aid developers in creating integrations with Mural.

What is an SDK?

An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a toolbox for developers, including components or pieces of code, to create applications or integrations to a platform. SDKs help developers build integrations with their service more easily, as the components are created with a specific purpose. Developers can use Mural's SDKs independently or together.

What does Mural's SDK provide?

Mural’s ready-made SDK components were built by Mural developers. The Mural SDK enables developers to create integrations that embed, select, and contribute to murals from other applications and platforms.

The Mural SDK currently contains:

  • Canvas embed SDK: Enables developers to embed or integrate Mural into other services, facilitating seamless collaboration within a mural directly from another platform. (An example is Mural’s Butter integration.)

    • The Canvas embed SDK will initially roll out as a gated experience. To gain access to the Canvas embed SDK, you must fill out a form with details about your app, your use case, and where you'll be embedding Mural. Mural’s integrations team will assess if your app meets the prerequisites for access to the Canvas embed SDK. If so, we’ll work with you to configure the domain allowlist and review your app prior to publication.
  • Account chooser SDK: Helps to manage the integration’s Mural identity. This component can prompt the end-user to connect, create, or change its current Mural identification.

  • Mural picker SDK: Handles the search and selection process for choosing a mural. This is a dynamic SDK, handling most of the search and filtering behaviors exposed by the Mural API.


Mural will continue to roll out SDKs for the Mural SDK. Stay tuned for additional updates!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are answers to some common questions about the Mural SDK:

  • How can developers find the Canvas embed SDK?
    Developers can request access through the Beta signup form.

  • How long will the approval process take before developers get access to the Canvas embed SDK?
    Once you submit the Beta signup form, a member of the Mural team will reach out within three to five business days.

  • Do the various components available through the Mural SDK have to be used together?
    Nope! These SDKs can be used independently or together, as needed.