Mural API vs. Mural enterprise API

Learn the difference between Mural's two sets of APIs.

Mural has two sets of APIs - Mural API and Mural enterprise API. Both sets of APIs are externally available. Here’s how they’re different:

Mural APIMural enterprise API
PurposeGives developers product capabilities (such as creating murals, creating rooms, getting templates) and more.Gives Enterprise clients admin capabilities (such as accessing audit logs, provisioning, deprovisioning) and more.
PackagingAll. However, it inherits the same limitations as our packaging options.Only Enterprise customers.
Functional/Features areaNon-admin functions.Admin functions.
AuthenticationOAuth. Developers will have to register their app through "My apps" page on Mural (under User options).API keys.
API ReferenceMural API ReferenceEnterprise API Reference
DocumentationMural API DocsEnterprise API Docs

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