About the eDiscovery API



eDiscovery is only available to customers on the Enterprise plan.


Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) is the process of identifying, collecting, preserving, and reviewing digitally stored information for use in a legal matter.

How to use the eDiscovery API

To meet eDiscovery obligations, company admins can identify and export (i.e. collect) murals at scale.

Here's how to use the eDiscovery APIs:

  1. Create an API key with the Identify Murals and/or Export Murals scopes.

  2. Identify the set of murals that meets your discovery criteria with the following options:

    • Identify murals for up to 250 members.
    • Filter on mural creation and/or modified date.
    • Filter on access or interaction with murals.
  3. Export the identified set of murals with the following options:

    • Select desired metadata for each export (info, collaborators, and activity log).
    • Select the corresponding format for each metadata type (PDF or JSON).
  4. Once the murals have been exported, they can be reviewed manually or imported into an eDiscovery solution for centralized review.

Visit the API Reference to test the eDiscovery API.