About the SCIM API


System for Cross-domain Identity Management, also known as SCIM, provides automated provisioning and user management for MURAL Enterprise accounts. SCIM will help your team create matching user accounts in all systems that your team needs access to. By adding SCIM to MURAL, we hope to streamline your workflows and help your team grow in MURAL.


SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) must be properly set up and functional in your Enterprise account before you start configuring automated provisioning.

Supported Features

Detailed MURAL SCIM schema can be found here.

MURAL supports the following provisioning features:

  • GET /Users
    Get an overview of the members with a MURAL license

  • GET /Users/{id}
    Check the attributes of a member

  • POST /Users
    Create a new MURAL account

  • PATCH /Users/{id}
    Update an existing member's resource and overwrite values for specific attributes

  • PUT /Users/{id}
    Update an existing member's resource, overwriting all values for a member

Supported Attributes

In MURAL, each member has their own attributes linked to their MURAL account. Attributes are profile information that a member would typically set in the Profile Details page of their MURAL account. These attributes include the member's first name, last name and email.

MURAL profile fieldSCIM attribute

Planned Features

These features are not supported, but are planned for the near future:

  • Linking IdP groups to MURAL workspaces, and moving members between workspaces

Configure the SCIM API

MURAL's SCIM implementation targets the SCIM 2.0 protocol reference. To set up SCIM provisioning using the API and to test it in our test environment, check out our Set up the SCIM API page.