Identify endpoint


The Identify endpoint is used to obtain a set of murals that meets your discovery criteria. The output of this Identify endpoint is a set of mural IDs. You can then pass these mural IDs to the Export endpoint to obtain your exports in your preferred format.

Here are the Identify endpoint filter options:

  • Identify murals for up to 250 members.
  • Filter on mural creation and/or modified date (optional).
    • Timestamp for dates should be in ISO-8601 format. e.g.: 2021-12-06T21:09:04Z
  • Ability to filter on access or interaction with murals.
    • has-access returns all murals the selected members have access to, regardless if members have interacted with them (e.g. viewed, edited, created).
    • has-interacted returns a subset of has-access results, including only murals selected members have interacted with (e.g. viewed, edited, created).

Visit the API Reference to test the Identify endpoint.

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