Users Report


  • URL: GET
  • Function: Lists all users in your organization.



The Users Report endpoint provides the same information as the Total Members report, found in Company Dashboard > Reports. For more information on downloading reports from the Company Dashboard, see Get started with Reports.

Use Cases

Compliance and Security

Scenario: For governance purposes, you need to review company users with MURAL access.

Solution: Our users report consists of all users associated with the company (admins, members, and guests). Get a list of all users. By parsing the email domain name for each user, you should be able to identify users vs. guests.


Scenario: You need to continuously review guests with access to multiple workspaces, rooms, or murals to ensure compliance and risk mitigation

Solution: Get a list of users. Identify which users are guests based on their email domain. Sort by muralCount followed by roomCount and workspaceCount.


Scenario: You need to identify users with access to the highest number of workspaces, rooms, or murals.

Solution: Workspaces are usually set up at the business function level. Get a listing of users, and sort by number of muralCount, followed by roomCount, and workspaceCount.


Scenario: Identify users who are very engaged with murals by checking the number of total interactions.

Solution: Get a listing of users. Sort by totalInteractionCount to find the engaged users.


Scenario: Users engaged in the last 90 days could potentially be part of Quarterly Engaged Members. Therefore, quick insight into their interactions can help admins understand MURAL usage.

Solution: Get a listing of users. Sort by last90DaysInteractionCount to find the engaged users.


Scenario: You need to identify users who have collaborated extensively with a mural by inviting other users to it.

Solution: Get a listing of users. Sort by inviteCount to find the number of invites sent by a user.

Sample report

Here's what a JSON response from a users report looks like:

    "data": [
            "userId": "user1",
            "userName": "Test",
            "userSurname": "Name",
            "userEmail": "[email protected]",
            "userType": "member",
            "dateCreated": "2021-12-31 01:18:00.000",
            "inviteCount": "393",
            "muralCount": "12224",
            "roomCount": "1512",
            "workspaceCount": "41",
            "totalInteractionCount": "2884247",
            "last30DayInteractionCount": "33269",
            "last90DayInteractionCount": "78274"

Filtering results

To narrow your results, you can filter this report. To filter the users report, use the following parameters:

ParameterInput Value FormatOutputFilter Example
filter[userType]Accepted string value is member.member returns collaborators in your Enterprise who are part of your company's domain.filter\[userType\]=member
filter[interactedInLast90Days]Boolean value: true for collaborators active in the last 90 days or false for collaborators not active in the last 90 days.Returns collaborators who have or have not been active in the last 90 days.filter\[interactedInLast90Days\]\[until\]=true

Users Report API Reference


Visit the Users Report API Reference page to try it out in real-time!

The API Reference includes relevant parameters, attributes, responses, and code examples for Curl, Node, Ruby, JS, and Python.