Users Report API


  • URL: GET
  • Function: View a list of all users in the organization.

Use Cases

Compliance and Security

Scenario: For governance purposes, you need to review company users with MURAL access.

Solution: Our users report consists of all users associated with the company (admins, members, and guests). Get a list of all users. By parsing the email domain name for each user, you should be able to identify users vs. guests.

Scenario: You need to continuously review guests with access to multiple workspaces, rooms, or murals to ensure compliance and risk mitigation

Solution: Get a list of users. Identify which users are guests based on their email domain. Sort by muralCount followed by roomCount and workspaceCount.


Scenario: You need to identify users with access to the highest number of workspaces, rooms, or murals.

Solution: Workspaces are usually set up at the business function level. Get a listing of users, and sort by number of muralCount, followed by roomCount, and workspaceCount.

Scenario: Identify users who are very engaged with murals by checking the number of total interactions.

Solution: Get a listing of users. Sort by totalInteractionCount to find the engaged users.

Scenario: Users engaged in the last 90 days could potentially be part of Quarterly Engaged Members. Therefore, quick insight into their interactions can help admins understand MURAL usage.

Solution: Get a listing of users. Sort by last90DaysInteractionCount to find the engaged users.

Scenario: You need to identify users who have collaborated extensively with a mural by inviting other users to it.

Solution: Get a listing of users. Sort by inviteCount to find the number of invites sent by a user.

Users Report API Reference


Visit the Users Report API Reference page to try it out in real-time!

The API Reference includes relevant parameters, attributes, responses, and code examples for Curl, Node, Ruby, JS, and Python.

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