Templates Report API


  • URL: GET https://api.mural.co/enterprise/v1/reports/templates
  • Function: View a list of all templates used in the organization.

Use Cases

Compliance and Security

Scenario: Company admins need to know which users created templates that have been leveraged for workshops.

Solution: Get a list of templates. Filter for templateType as custom. This identifies third party vendors who created the template and the dateCreated for that template.


Scenario: You need to find out the ratio of global templates to custom templates used across your organization. This should show which employees are using global templates across business functions.

Solution: Get a list of templates. Filter for templateType as global to find a list of MURAL-provided templates used at the organization. Filter for templateType as custom to find list of custom templates used at the organization. Compare both numbers to get the ratio of MURAL-provided to custom templates.

Scenario: Promote usage of templates for day-to-day activities to improve productivity and software use.

Solution: Get a list of templates. Check for low usage on the templates based on the number of records received from the endpoint. For these low-usage templates, promote usage by providing users popular template examples.

Templates Report API Reference


Visit the Templates Report API Reference page to try it out in real-time!

The API Reference includes relevant parameters, attributes, responses, and code examples for Curl, Node, Ruby, JS, and Python.

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