About the Reporting API


The Reporting API provides programmatic methods to access MURAL report data. These reports reveal granular information about your company’s activities.

Key benefits include:

  • Get consistent and reliable access to key reports on a self-serve basis.
  • Conduct regular reviews of configuration settings.
  • Manage member attributes and access to MURAL.
  • Understand the engagement and usage of MURAL to manage software operational costs.

Report types

The Reporting API has two types of reports: core reports and membership reports.

Core Reports

These reports provide information about an organization's account levels, and the association of users at each level, using aggregate metrics.

Each core report is associated with a MURAL account level: workspace, room, mural, user, template.

Here’s a list of core reports:

  • Workspace
  • Room
  • Mural
  • Users
  • Templates

Membership Reports

These reports provide information about users and their membership details for the account levels they are associated with. Membership is defined as the association of a user to their account level.

User types can include Members, Administrators, and Guests. Association types (between users and levels) include admin, owner, member, or guest.

Here’s a list of membership reports:

  • Workspace Memberships
  • Room Memberships


Need a refresher on MURAL's accounts and organizational structure? See this Help Center article: How are MURAL accounts organized?

Types of collaborators

  • Members are collaborators that are part of your company domain. They can own and access any content that an admin or mural owner permits them to.

  • Guests are people outside of your company that are invited to collaborate on a project with you. Guests have limited use of MURAL. They cannot invite others, create or manage rooms, create, duplicate, or export murals, publish templates, or push murals to a touchscreen.

  • Admins are collaborators in your company domain who have the authority to administer access to MURAL. A company can have company admins and workspace admins.

Reporting API Limitations

  • Reporting API data is not real time. Reports are made available within 24–48 hours. If you make a request and the time range overlaps with the last 24–48 hours, you may not see all events during this time frame.

  • Filter and sort options for GET endpoints are not currently available.

  • To ensure a high quality user experience and to prevent abuse and security issues, the Reporting API enforces a rate limit of 1,500 calls per day per customer (roughly 1 call per minute).


Who can use the Reporting API?

Company admins on the MURAL Enterprise plan.

How do admins access the Reporting API?

Company admins create API keys using the MURAL company dashboard. With an API key, they make HTTP requests to the Reporting API and receive JSON response data.

I'm a company admin. How do I get started?

Eager to jump right in? Here's a quick summary to get up and running immediately.

  1. Log in to MURAL.
  2. Go to the company dashboard.
  3. On the left side of the company dashboard, click API Keys.
  4. Click Create API Key.
  5. Select the Reports checkbox.
  1. Click the Create API key button.
  2. Copy the API key and share it with your team.

That's it! You're now ready to start making API calls.

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