About the Content Ownership Transfer API


The Content Ownership Transfer API provides a way for Mural Enterprise accounts to automate transfers of content from one member to another. It supplements the SCIM API by automating the transfer of murals and rooms (both public and private) between two members in your company. This minimizes employee asset management in the event an employee leaves your company and you want to transfer all their content to another member.

The Content Ownership Transfer API is separate from SCIM, but they complement each other. Here's how:

  • The SCIM API deprovisions old members or provisions new members.

  • The Content Ownership Transfer API transfers content to a new or existing member, admin, or service account.


In order to transfer all content from one member to another, the following are required:

  • You must have both the transferring member (transferFromUser) and receiving member (transferToUser) usernames (email addresses).

  • The receiving member must be a member of all the workspaces where the transferring member owns content.

  • The receiving member can be a paid member, an admin, or a service account. They cannot be a guest or visitor. (A service account is a placeholder account, not tied to a specific real person.)

  • If these requirements are not met, the transfer will fail.

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